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Why take a relationship quiz? We often hear people say, “I don’t think we need couples therapy because all couples have issues and we should be able to solve our problems on our own.”

In many ways, people are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking, “Do we need therapy?” The better question might be, “Is now a good time to hire an expert to learn how to make our relationship better?” It’s kind of like a tennis lesson. If you want to improve your game, you probably find a coach to teach you some things you don’t know, then go home, practice what you’ve learned and expect to see progress.

You’re right if you believe that every couple has problems. 100% of couples have conflict. And most of these problems won’t ever go away (69%, if you want to be exact!). The goal in couples’ therapy is not to eliminate disagreements, as this is not possible. Instead, the focus is to manage conflict in a way that is thoughtful and respectful. This can bring you closer together rather than further dividing you on your differences.

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Do We Need Couples Therapy?

Do We Need Couples Therapy?
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