Relationship Quiz

Do We Need Couples Therapy Quiz

Not sure if you and your partner need couples therapy?

Take this relationship quiz to find out whether couples therapy is the best next step for you, or perhaps your budget and needs indicate a different resource, such as a yoga retreat for couples, a weekend getaway, or DIY free courses and worksheets.

How can a relationship quiz tell you if you need couples therapy?

Of course, a couples therapy quiz can’t replace a licensed relationship expert, but it’s a fun easy first step to get you thinking, and learn about other options as well.

This “Do We Need Couples Therapy Quiz” is designed as a tool to help you and your partner begin a process of thinking about your relationship health and explore some of your options.

People often say, “I don’t think we need couples therapy because all couples have issues, and we should be able to solve our problems on our own.”

This is a fair and true argument, but similarly if one wanted to get better at tennis, they might hire a pro to learn skills from an expert to speed up their learning and avoid getting into bad habits.

In many ways, people are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking, “Do we need therapy?” The better question might be,

“Could a couples therapist help us make life easier and more pleasant?”

You’re right if you believe that every couple has problems. 100% of couples have conflict. And most of these problems won’t ever go away (69%, if you want to be exact!). The goal in couples’ therapy is not to eliminate disagreements, as this is not possible. Instead, the focus is to manage conflict in a way that is thoughtful and respectful. This can bring you closer together rather than further dividing you on your differences.

Take our Love Test to Find Resources Based on Your Needs and Learning Style

Do we need couples therapy?

It’s not an easy question, and the answer rarely clearcut.

Couples who work on their relationship health are happier than those who don’t. And the only way to attain lifelong relationship happiness is to carve out time to prioritize your love daily.

But there are many roads toward relationship happiness, not just traditional weekly couples therapy.

This relationship quiz will analyze the results of your responses and reveal your recommended next steps. Whether you’re in the early stages of a new relationship or have been together for years, this test will provide valuable insights into your relationship challenges and help you navigate the intricate complexities of love.

Designed by a licensed relationship expert, this Love Test goes beyond superficial attributes and deepens into the core aspects determining relationship success. Not everyone needs couples therapy, but all relationships must be nourished to survive.

Adding wellness routines to your daily schedules is crucial to ensure you don’t slowly drift apart to the point where you feel lonely in your relationship or like roommates instead of romantic partners.

Our comprehensive questionnaire will assess your budget, level of relationship distress, and learning styles to provide tailored recommendations for products and services to help your relationship thrive. Many vital ingredients contribute to a lasting connection, and it’s worthwhile to take a Love Test to make sure you’re giving your partnership the TLC it deserves.

Discover where you and your partner shine and where you might have rough edges that need smoothing. Uncover aspects of your compatibility that you may not have considered before. And gain a greater understanding and appreciation for each other as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and relationship growth.

Five Relationship Resource Categories:

  1. Traditional Weekly Couples Therapy
  2. Intensive Two-day Couples Therapy Sessions
  3. Live, In-Person Couples Retreats (next in-person couples retreat: in the Poconos April 5th-7th)
  4. Self-Paced DIY Couples Retreats (on your laptop at home or away)
  5. Free Classes and Educational Resources (Books, Workbooks, Articles, and Podcasts)

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