Relationships are Hard

True...or False?

Answer: FALSE (Most of the time)

Healthy relationships should be more fun more than hard work.

You want to spend your time laughing together, going on awesome dates and sharing the ins and outs of your lives.

You don't want arguments, cold-shouldering and awkward distance to outweigh the good times.

Bad communication wastes time and good communication leads to more happiness.

It's easiest to prevent problems by getting into good habits on a regular basis.

Relationship Tune-Up

It’s well-known that prevention is better than intervention.

There are things you can do on a daily basis to maintain healthy relationship habits.

We know what makes love last from decades of researching over 3,000 actual couples. Dr. John Gottman has been scientifically studying what leads to relationship health since 1975, and he’s still at it. In fact he can predict divorce with 90% accuracy.

Is your relationship in good health?

Romantic wellness is similar to physical wellness. There are daily, weekly and monthly things that you can do that lead to longevity, increased energy and decreased pain.

Let’s face it, life is busy and there are many things competing for our time.

It’s crucial to have a relationship check-up periodically to assess how you’re doing as a couple.

Are you feeling like a priority in one another’s lives?

Are you fighting more than you’d like?

Are you connected and secure?

Are you having as much fun as you’d like?

I can help.

I’ve put together this toolkit which starts off with a Relationship Fitness Test for you to take a short quiz to see what kind of shape your relationship is in. After you get the results of your test you can start scheduling some healthy habits into your regular routine.

Also, as a bonus, I’ve included two Empathy Cheat Sheets to use for stress management.

Get my secret tools for relationship success to create more connection, trust and fun today!

FREE Mini Relationship Toolkit

Includes: Relationship Fitness Test, Workout Calendar and 2 Empathy Cheat Sheets

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In this FREE 6 page toolkit, you'll find the tools to:

Assess Your Relationship Health with the Relationship Fitness Test

Learn which habits to keep up, and which areas need to be strengthened.

Create new healthy habits
with the workout calendar

This makes it easy to map out good habits in the  midst of your busy routine.

learn the #1 key for better communication

Empathy Cheatsheets guide you and your partner in how to talk to one another when stressed or upset.

Hi, I'm Laura!

As a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, Co-owner and Clinical Director of Main Line Counseling Partners;

I have over 25 years of experience successfully helping couples make the changes they need to make in order to feel happier and more connected.

These tools are designed to do just that. I have taken tools I use in my work to help couples become more connected, and am sharing it with you today for free

This toolkit will bring you and your partner closer and set you up for relationship success.