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Improve Your Relationship Without Leaving Your Home

For people in committed partnerships who want to feel closer and communicate better.

Main Line Counseling partners has created a virtual retreat to teach people how to improve their conversations so that they can stop wasting time and have more fun.

Bad communication wastes time. For some, valuable time is spent arguing or clearing up misunderstandings that could have been prevented in the first place. For others, there is a lack of communication altogether which is a missed opportunity for close connection.

You’ll be happier if you and your partner learn how to communicate directly and respectfully. If you manage your differences effectively you’ll be able to solve problems and make decisions together. And if you learn how to communicate what you appreciate about one another, you’ll both feel more appreciated and connected.

All Are Welcome

All couples are welcome at this virtual retreat. No assumptions will be made about your gender, identity, orientation, relationship or monogamy status. Neutral pronouns are used and images are of nature and animals in the interest of inclusivity.

Course Curriculum

This retreat is designed to complete together with your partner. It consists of 6 modules addressing: Commitment, Gratitude, Conflict Management, Empathy, Trust and Fun.

Each module includes an educational video lecture self-reflection exercises, joint exercises to complete together and homework. Also included are quizzes, worksheets and checklists.

About Your Instructor

Laura Silverstien, LCSW, helps couples find more happiness and clarity in their lives. She has devoted her entire career to teaching people how to communicate in a more honest and productive way to help them strengthen their relationships while repairing old wounds. Ms. Silverstein is a clinical social worker who has been training since 1988. She is certified in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and works with Drs. John and Julie Gottman on their research team. She is grateful for all she has learned from the experts in the field, and even more importantly from the couples who she has worked with for so many years. She is passionate about sharing what she knows about relationship health and happiness.
Laura silverstein, lcsw
Certified Couples Therapist

Don't Take Your Relationship for Granted