Rates, Insurance for Therapy:

Therapy is an investment in your life, health, relationships, family, and future. Please note, Main Line Counseling Partners is a small boutique style group practice that is committed to using evidenced-based practices and training individual, family and couples therapists as all different phases of professional development. The rates vary according to the levels of advanced training and years of experience of each clinician.

We are not in-network with any insurance plans by choice. All our clinicians have a standard rate and offer a limited number of sliding scale slots. You may speak to our intake coordinator to learn which clinicians have current availablity and their fees and sliding scale availability.

Counseling Rates Per 50 Minutes of individual therapy, family and couples therapy

Student: $100

Pre-Licensed Clinician: $150

Licensed Clinician: $195-$210

Owners: $240

80 min. extended therapy sessions are a standard recommendation for initial couples therapy sessions, and the price is pro-rated accordingly.

Intensive Couples Therapy 2 Day Rates

Licensed Clinician: $2800 for 2 day weekend couples therapy intensive (Saturday and Sunday)

Owner: $3200 for 2 day couples therapy intensive (Monday and Tuesday)

Click HERE for more information about Gottman Method Intensive Couples Therapy

Weekend Getaway Couples Retreats (In Person, Poconos, PA)

Early Bird Special: $400 per person, $800 per couple

Standard Registration: $425 per person, $850 per couple

Late Registration (If space allows): $500 per person, $1000 per couple

Click HERE for more information about the Poconos Couples Retreat

DIY Gottman Virtual Retreat (Online, Self-Paced)

$97 per couple

Click HERE for more information about the self-guided online retreat.

Not Sure Whether You need Couples Therapy?

Take this quiz to find out: Do I Need Marriage Counseling Quiz

Insurance Reimbursement for Therapy

If you choose to use insurance for counseling reimbursement, you may be able to work with your insurance as an out of network provider. If you wish to get reimbursed, first check your plan to determine coverage.  Ask if you have a deductible and if it has been met, and what percentage of our full rate or what they decide is reasonable and customary (R&C).

If requested, we can provide you with a monthly receipts called a Superbill with the necessary info of what you paid me. You may submit that to obtain any available counseling or therapy fee reimbursement based on your plan.

If finances are a critical part of your decision making, seeing an in- network therapy provider is a good choice. You can find info on in network therapists on your plan’s website or directories such as Psychology Today. You can text me and once I know what you are looking for, I can suggest a few lower fee colleagues to consider if paying out of pocket.

Using a Health Savings Account, Flex Account, or HRA/HSA for therapy

You can use a pre-tax Flex or Health Savings Account for therapy. Unlike using your health insurance for therapy, this route does not require me to provide a mental health diagnosis on any forms.

We are able to directly charge credit cards associated with your HSA (Health Savings Account; Flex Spending Account).

Per the No Surprises Act, if you do not intend to submit to insurance for possible OON reimbursement, you are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate. You decide the length and frequency of sessions. A GFE outlines the projected cost of therapy at your clinician’s rate for up to one year by simply calculating the fee multiplied by the number of sessions you expect over a period of time. Learn more on the NSA: Consumers | CMS

We currently provide telehealth and In Person sessions in our therapy offices in Bryn Mawr and Villanova.

How often will we meet for counseling?

Consistency brings the best results.

Most therapy clients come weekly at least in the first month or so. Committing to and prioritizing that time is ideal and may equate to a better outcome.

Occasionally, people attend therapy more often and may come twice a week for a period of time.  Others prefer less frequent or longer sessions. Many reduce counseling frequency once things improve and attend every other week then monthly to maintain gains.

Longer sessions are often recommended for couples therapy so that all parties have enough time to feel understood. 

What is the duration of therapy?

It depends. It can range from just a few sessions, to multiple months. You may talk to your clinician about your specific needs after you have completed the intake process. 

Some clients or couples may attend therapy for a few years as they continue to benefit from on-going or intermittent counseling.

Others use therapy for a period of time, take a break, and return when they are ready, something comes up, they need to do more work or for a few booster or tune up therapy sessions.

There are lots of options and flexibility depending on what works best for you. This is an ongoing conversation that we encourage you to have with your clinician as your therapy progresses and you make progress while also encounter new challenges. 

How do we get started?

Many people find that they start feeling better as soon as they make the decision to reach out and ask for help. 

The very first step is to reach out to connect with our intake coordinator who is up to date on who has availability, their current fees, schedules and areas of advanced training and expertise. The intake coordinator will help you decide how to proceed, either with an external referral, or by setting up a free consultation for you with the clinician whose training and style best fits your needs. 

Here are 3 ways to connect with our intake coordinator:

  1. 215-802-6521
  2. [email protected]
  3. Click HERE 
Main Line Counseling Partners is a small boutique group practice of Gottman Method Couples Therapists, Child and Adult Psychologists, Family Therapists and Individual Therapists. We serve the Greater Philadelphia community with both in-person and telehealth therapy services (in the state of Pennsylvania)