How Are We Doing?

At Main Line Counseling Partners, we strive to serve you better and are committed to continually improving our client service standards.

To do this, we welcome your feedback and would love to know what you think.

Leaving Feedback

There are several ways to share your feedback, ideas, or suggestions.

It is not always easy to share dissatisfaction with your therapist, but it can be compelling and transformational to advocate for yourself by letting your clinician know what you need. We recommend that you start by addressing your concerns directly.

If you have already tried this, or you do not feel comfortable talking about it directly for any reason, we can still help in one of these other ways.

1. Schedule a conversation with one of the owners to leave your feedback.

Call Jessica Kryser at 610-642-3359 X1 and ask to schedule a phone conversation with Michael or Laura Silverstein. Or you can use this form instead by clicking HERE to schedule a time to speak to Jessica.

2. Share your thoughts on a Private Feedback Form

If you prefer to leave your feedback on an anonymous form, you may complete this confidential questionnaire by clicking HERE.

3. Leave a Google Review

When people are in pain, they go to Google for help. This is especially true for individuals or families suffering from mental health challenges, as it isn’t always easy to ask your neighbor for a therapist recommendation.

When people are brave enough to share their experiences publicly, others benefit immensely by reading their reviews.  This helps them learn what therapy is actually like from people like you.

If you feel comfortable sharing your feedback publicly, you may leave a public Google review by clicking HERE.

Thank You for Your Feedback!

We want to keep learning and growing, and your ideas and insights make us better.