You probably know what you are “supposed” to do if you want to be in good physical health. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. You’re probably on track some times more than others, but chances are you know what to do if you want to get in better shape.

Relationship Fitness

When it comes to “Relationship Fitness”, you might not know what to do to stay in good shape. Unlike cardiovascular fitness, there is not much general knowledge out there about relationship fitness. You know how it feels when things are going well, and you know when things feel off.

But you might not know why.

Free Love Test

The following Love Test for Your Relationship will help you take a look to see which good habits you should keep up, and which target areas need to be strengthened.

The first step of the love test is a short quiz to determine your Relationship Fitness Score (Olympic Athlete, Varsity Starter, On the Bench or Call in the Medic). Don’t get discouraged if you are not in as good shape as you’d like to be.  We have created a Workout Calendar to help you turn things around.

Just like physical fitness, there are concrete steps you can take right away to start getting back in shape.

Workout Calendar

Along with the Relationship Fitness test, you will receive a copy of a Workout Calendar for Your Relationship.   This calendar has a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly habits for you and your partner.

Research shows that people are more successful with their goals when they keep track of them. The calendar will make it easy to continue to prioritize your relationship on a regular basis, even in the midst of your busy routine. We have put it all together on one convenient form to post on your refrigerator.

These Tools are Based on 40 years of Researching over 3, 000 Couples

Dr. Gottman and his team are world-renown in the field of relationship satisfaction.  They are probably most famous for their ability to predict divorce with over 90% accuracy.  The good news is that divorce and separation can be prevented by applying the strategies suggested in this guide.

The Gottman Method is a practical, structured approach which is accessible for couples to learn how to improve their friendship, manage conflict and feel more connected.


We hope that you find this Relationship Fitness Test and Workout Calendar informative and thought-provoking.  Please be advised that in no way does it replace formal assessment and treatment from a licensed mental health professional.  Please click here if you would like to consult with one of the owners at Main Line Counseling Partners.

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Congratulations on Giving Your Relationship the Attention it Deserves!

Free Love Test