“Our relationship is hanging on by a thread but we don’t want to give up!”

Intensive Couples Therapy Sessions in Pennsylvania

Main Line Counseling Partners is now offering private intensive couples counseling (also called intensive marriage therapy, marathon couples counseling or Gottman intensives).

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This model is ideal for people who are ready to transform their relationship with back to back sessions.

Intensive couples therapy allows you to put aside  distractions and prioritize your relationship to help you with the following issuues:

  • Building Trust and Intimacy
  • Learning Communication Skills
  • Recovering from Betrayal and Infidelity
  • Managing Conflict
  • Having Fun Again
  • Feeling Like a Romantic Team Instead of Roommates

Whether you live in the Philadelphia area or not, consider reserving a room at an inn or bed and breakfast, and make a trip to Pennsylvania to reach your relationship goals. 

Intensive couples counseling includes a through assessment and practical skill-building strategies. It is personalized according to your specific needs and the results of your assessment. Sessions can be tailored to your needs and availability. 

Here is a sample schedule of what to expect:

Day 1

The first day of the intensive Gottman Method couples therapy consists of a complete relationship assessment. You will meet with your couples therapist for joint sessions, individual sessions, and treatment planning sessions.

You and your therapist will take a deep dive into your history, your concerns, and most importantly your strengths. This data is gathered by talking directly to your therapist, completing a lengthly questionairre, and and even allowing your therapist to observe you managing a conflict of your choice.

After the assessment sessions, you’ll attend your feedback session in which you’ll receive an overview of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and how the concepts specifically apply to your relationship. 

By the end of the first day of your intensive couples therapy, you’ll already have a roadmap of what areas of your relationship are functioning well, and what areas need work. 

Day 2

In the second day of your intensive, you will deepen your work together with practical strategies and techniques to guild you to reach your chosen goals.

You will learn the following:

  • how to talk to each other productively
  • how to feel closer in your relationship
  • how to stop arguing
  • how to build (or re-build) trust
  • how to have more fun

➡️Schedule a call with our intake coordinator to make an appointment for your intensive couples therapy session HERE.

The following issues are commonly improved by intensive couples therapy sessions with the Gottman Method:angry.bed

  • Recovering from an affair
  • Improving conflict resolution skills
  • Increasing romance and intimacy
  • Re-building trust
  • Understanding your triggors

Why Traditional Couples Therapy isn’t Right For Everyone

It’s a very common story; a couple works hard to agree to start couples counseling, researches to find the right therapist and then anxiously anticipate the date and time of the first session.  They then arrive 10 minutes early, fill out paper work and finally find themselves sitting face to face with the counselor.

The next 50 minutes fly by incredibly quickly.  Confidentiality is discussed, general logistical questions answered and then the discussion moves to the reason the couple has come in for therapy. 

Usually there will be time for each person to discuss their perception of the problem, but there is not enough time for the therapist to complete a comprehensive assessment or to be able to start giving advice or homework. 

For this reason, at Main Line Counseling Partners all our intitial couples therapy intakes are 80 minutes long, but some couples want even more intense marriage counseling.

After the first session, it can be very frustrating for couples to have to wait another week to pick up where they left off and sometimes problems can worsen during this time period.

At Main Line Counseling Partners, we provide intensive couples therapy sessions (also called Gottman Marathon Sessions) as a way to avoid the frustration of starting and stopping that frequently accompanies traditional couples counseling. 

➡️Schedule a call with our intake coordinator to make an appointment for your intensive couples therapy session HERE.

In one full day a couple can complete the entire assessment process (including conjoint and individual sessions), have a clear understanding of their relationship through the lens of the Gottman Method, and go home with concrete tools to practice before the next session.  We tailor our intensives to the specific needs of each couple, ranging from one, two or sometimes three days in a row.

Ready to talk to someone about this? Call our intake coordinator, Jessica Kryzer at 610-642-3359 X1 and ask for a free 15 minute consult with Dr. Michael Silverstein, Teresa Thompson, or Anaiya Baukman.

Depending on the particular needs of your situation, subsequent intensive marriage therapy sessions can be scheduled, or you can transition to traditional weekly or bi-weekly counseling using the Gottman Method.

Isn’t a Full Day of Intensive Couples Therapy Draining and Exhausting?

It is true that any kind of therapy is hard work since it involves changing habits that have been developing for a long time. 

If you are concerned about fatigue, you might want to consider a one day intense marriage session instead of multiple days.  The first day is primarily giving your therapist information about yourself and your relationship. 

You will have a 45 minute break when your partner is meeting individually, and you will also have a lunch break scheduled into the day.  That being said, some people prefer traditional 60 -90 minute couples therapy over intensives. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs or concerns.

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