143 Date Night Ideas for Couples

Here are Some Ideas for Date Nights! 

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Congratulations, you are in love.You deserve to enjoy yourselves and go out and have some fun.

In addition to being enjoyable, date nights (and date days and date weekends) are great for maintaining a health relationship. But it can be challenging to have enough ideas for your date.

You are not alone if you wish you  had more leisure time together. It can be hard to manage your daily obligations and you probably don’t get to see your favorite person as much as you’d like.  

One exotic vacation every 2 years is not enough to keep a relationship solid. Consistency is the thing that makes love last in the long-run. World-renown relationship expert, Dr. John Gottman says, “In love, it’s the small things done often that make all the difference.”

How to Plan Your Date Night Ideas

Planning date nights isn’t hard, but it does take a little bit of organization and lots of ideas to choose from in choosing your date.

You want to be having adventures and romance but sometimes the weekend goes by and it just gets swallowed up by other things. You also have big things on your bucket list that you dream about together but haven’t happened yet.

I’ve compiled this list of date night ideas for you and your partner to go through together.

They are divided into Weekly, Monthly and Bucket List categories. I’ve also added conversation prompts so that you make sure you’re continuing to have great conversations and continuing to learn new things about one another.

How to Use this Date Planner

An amazingly successful date is an activity that both of you enjoy. For the best results follow the following steps:

  1. Copy, paste, and print this list so that you and your partner both have your own copy and follow these steps separately
    1. Go through each item put a star next to your favorite items
    2. Put an X next to all the activities you would like to veto
    3. Make notes of any items that are in the wrong category (ie something might be a bucket list due to COVID, or an item I listed as monthly may be something you two already do weekly)
  2. Compare your lists
  3. Get out your calendars and schedule the items that you both starred, including the conversation starters you plan to use.

It’s as simple as that. Have fun with this!

50 Ideas for Weekly Date Night

  1. Watch one of your all time favorite movies on Netflix
  2. Play a board game
  3. Go for a hike
  4. Go for a run
  5. Go for a bike ride
  6. Go for a walk 
  7. Play basketball
  8. Go swimming together
  9. Take a drive without a destination
  10. Take turns serving breakfast in bed for one another
  11. Romantic dinner at home – cooking together
  12. Romantic dinner at home – ordering take out
  13. Write a poems or love notes for one another 
  14. Choose a book to read together
  15. Work out together
  16. Go to a coffee shop
  17. Go to a farmers market
  18. Go to a thrift store
  19. Have a picnic in the park
  20. Play a video game
  21. Take a bath or shower together
  22. Play “Truth or dare”
  23. Play “Never have I ever”
  24. Give one another massages
  25. Make love in a new way 
  26. Hug or kiss for a solid 30 seconds without any expectation of it “leading to something more”
  27. Bake together
  28. Turn out the lights and talk by only candle light
  29. Share your favorite music with one another
  30. Meditate together
  31. Make a scrapbook
  32. Exchange greeting cards expressing what you love about one another
  33. Take the day off in the middle of the week to stay in together
  34. Go to the mall
  35. Get up early to watch the sun rise
  36. Listen to a genre of music neither of you have listened to before
  37. Plan an anniversary celebration and put it on the calendar
  38. Brainstorm ways to add a romantic element to a holiday you already celebrate
  39. Play cards
  40. Grab romantic moments during family activities (ie holding hands)
  41. Run errands together
  42. Have a post card-writing party
  43. Do household chores together
  44. Brainstorm home-improvement ideas
  45. Talk about your bucket lists
  46. Take a 3 hour vacation from tech
  47. Take a 12 hour vacation from tech
  48. Gratitude Marathon (express 12 appreciations in the next 24 hours via text, notes, or cards)
  49. Watch your wedding video together
  50. Put together a photo album

68 Ideas for Monthly Dates

  1. Go out to dinner at a new restaurant
  2. Go out to dinner to one of your favorite places
  3. Go to the movies
  4. Go to an art museum
  5. Go to an arcade
  6. Brunch at one of your favorite places
  7. Brunch somewhere new
  8. Volunteer together
  9. Play laser tag
  10. Take a painting class together
  11. Take a dance class together
  12. Take a film class together
  13. Take a pottery class
  14. Take in improv class
  15. Attend a poetry reading
  16. Attend a writing workshop
  17. Go horseback riding
  18. Go on a double date with friends
  19. Go antiquing 
  20. Go out for dessert
  21. Go to a concert
  22. Go camping
  23. Go to a bed and breakfast for the weekend
  24. Get a couples massage
  25. Go to a spa
  26. Go to an amusement park
  27. Go to the beach
  28. Go to a sporting event
  29. Go to the opera
  30. Go to the ballet
  31. Got to the theater
  32. Comedy club
  33. Go boating
  34. Go to a batting cage
  35. Play mini golf
  36. Play golf
  37. Have a photoshoot
  38. Sign up for an athletic competition and train for it together
  39. Go to a tourist event in your own town
  40. Play a racket sport
  41. Go window shopping
  42. Go to a water park
  43. Go out dancing
  44. Go to a bakery and impulse buy
  45. Go on a train ride
  46. Go to a festival 
  47. Go to a wildlife reserve
  48. Go to the zoo
  49. Go to an “Escape the Room”
  50. Go to an aquarium
  51. Trivia night
  52. Get tattoos together
  53. Re-affirm your vows privately or publicly
  54. Drive in movie
  55. Go back to the place where you had your first kiss
  56. Go to an orchard to pick your own fruits of vegetables
  57. Join a local sports league (ie volleyball, ultimate frisbee)
  58. Go to a wine tasting
  59. Go to a micro-brewery
  60. Go to a psychic reading
  61. Visit a farm and sample their fresh ice cream
  62. Take a tour of a chocolate factory
  63. Snorkeling
  64. Yoga class
  65. Go to an open mic night
  66. Plan a stay-cation
  67. Join your partner in one of their favorite hobbies 
  68. Go to a city you haven’t visited yet

20 Ideas for Bucket List  Dates

  1. Go sky diving
  2. Go scuba diving
  3. Take a hot air balloon ride
  4. Go bungee jumping
  5. Climb Mount Everest
  6. Drive race-cars
  7. Visit a national rainforest
  8. Go to a national park
  9. Go to an elephant sanctuary
  10. Go to the Olympics
  11. Go to the Super Bowl
  12. Be in the studio audience of a T.V. production
  13. Go to Europe
  14. Go to Australia
  15. Go to the Middle East
  16. Go to Africa
  17. Go to Asia
  18. Go to North America
  19. Go to South America
  20. Go to a new region on your own continent

Conversation Starter Ideas

  1. Check in about your week, asking open-ended questions
  2. Say 5 things you admire about one another
  3. Say 5 reasons you are lucky to have one another in your lives
  4. Ask one another questions about their future hopes and dreams
  5. Share 5 new things you don’t know about each other

How to Use this Date Night Planner to Plan your Own Private Retreat

Take your dates one step further with a deeper dive on a private couples retreat.

We know from the research that couples who enjoy long lasting love take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy leisure time away while also giving their relationship some TLC.

You can easily create your own couples retreat by grabbing communication workbook and following conversation starters between spa treatments and fine dining. Check out this article for more details: 

Maintain Long Lasting Love with a Relationship Workbook

Well Done!

Smart couples understand the importance of prioritizing their relationships and protecting their calendars for the people who are most important to them. By completing this activity, you two are solidifying the most important part of your relationship. A fun, playful, romantic friendship leads to long-term happiness and connection.

Keep up the good work!

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