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Relationship Quiz: What Does Your Relationship Need Right Now?


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Why take this relationship quiz?

Maybe you’re considering couples therapy, but you’re not sure if you need it. Or you know you want some help but are unsure what kind.

This quick, easy Relationship Quiz will ask you ten questions about your situation and what you’re looking for. Then, you’ll get a personalized recommendation based on your responses.

Resources for couples can generally be divided up into five different categories:

  1. Traditional Weekly Couples Therapy
  2. Intensive Two-day Couples Therapy Sessions
  3. Live, In-Person Couples Retreats (at a romantic, remote location)
  4. Self-Paced DIY Couples Retreats (on your laptop at home or away)
  5. Educational Resources (Books, Workbooks, Articles and Podcasts)

Which Program is Right for You?

At Main Line Counseling Partners, we offer a wide range of resources, include products and services from all five of these categories (prices range from free to $225 per 50 minutes).

Of course, this relationship quiz (like all BuzzFeed type tests) is for educational purposes only. It is meant to give you ideas to talk to your partner about as you research your best options for the specific needs of your unique situation.

We often hear people ask, “How do I know if we need therapy?”

In many ways, people are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking, “Do we need therapy?” Some better questions might be:

“What does our relationship need right now?”

“How do we learn best?”

“Should we talk to an expert and hear their opinion?”

“What do we both feel ready for?”

It might be a lot easier for you two to do a workbook together, while other couples would have better luck at a weekend getaway retreat. Some prefer to take the traditional route of assessment and treatment from a licensed couples therapist.

Improving your relationship is similar to learning to play tennis in some ways. If you want to improve your game, you could go away to a tennis camp, find a coach to teach you private lessons, go to a clinic with other tennis students, or even watch free YouTube videos and teach yourself.

There are many ways to learn new skills and many factors determine the best approach to take at any given time.

Here is a review of the five main kinds of relationship improvement resources with links to the products and services we either offer here in house, or other reputable sources that we confidently recommend:

We use an updated version of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy here at Main Line Counseling Partners. All of our couples therapists are Gottman-trained, and we make adjustments to keep the approach current. If you are looking for a couples therapist, and live in the state of Pennsylvania, use this link to schedule a call with our Intake Coordinator.

Once you discuss the specific nature of your questions or concerns, we will connect you with the couples therapist who has availability and experience working with your specific challenge

Several of our Gottman-trained couples therapists offer two-day intensive couples therapy sessions. You can learn more about these sessions HERE.

Our co-owners, Dr. Michael Silverstein and Certified Gottman Couple Therapist, Laura Silverstein, LCSW are hosting a Weekend Getaway Couples Retreat in the Pocono Mountains (PA) April 5th-7th 2024. You can learn more HERE.

The Gottman Institute offers the Art and Science of Love Workshops all over the country. You can find a retreat near you HERE. 

While most people prefer live, in-person retreats to online learning, many do not have the time or financial resources to get away for a weekend.

We have created a DIY alternative to live retreats with an online weekend couples retreat based on Love Is an Action Verb, by Laura Silverstein. It costs only $97 and you can learn more HERE.

The number of books, articles, and podcasts about relationship health is uncountable. But it can be very difficult to discern whether or not the advice is coming from a reputable source (vs. a well-meaning person sharing what they learned from their first break-up).

We recommend researching where the author or facilitator completed their training. There is immense value in lived experience, as we are all one big human race trying our best to love and be loved. So it is helpful to listen to all opinions with all different sources of information and advice.

Since we are relational scholars, we tend toward evidence-based approaches that are backed by research. Here is a list of some of our favorite free and low-cost relationship materials:


Hope you found this relationship quiz helpful, and I hope you get what you need from your relationship today 💕