Quiz-What’s Your Conflict Style?


There is More Than One Right Way to Manage Conflict

Many people think there is a right way and a wrong way to manage conflict, and that is incorrect.

There are three productive ways to manage conflict, and one way that leads to separation and divorce. Our beliefs about conflict management are connected to core values that we have about emotion. We know that values are not right or wrong, but it’s easy to get into conflict about conflict.

By understanding that there are many ways to manage conflict productively you will be more able to have constructive conversations with people who might have different conflict styles.

The best place to start is by clarifying your own values about how to manage conflict. We know from the research of Dr. John Gottman and his team that there are three conflict management styles that can lead to relationship happiness. Take this quiz to find out what you preferred conflict style is. (note: this quiz does not take the place of an assessment by a licensed professional. It is for educational purposes only)

Find Out Your Conflict Resolution With This Personality Test


What is Your Preferred Conflict Style? Take this quiz to find out.

What's your opinion about anger?
Anger is a useless emotion. It's better not to talk about it because people just end up getting upset for no reason.
Anger is part of being human. It's important to vent your anger when it comes up.
There is important information in anger. It's important to pay attention to it and then express it in a calm rational way.



What do you prefer to do if you're in a conversation that starts to escalate?
Stay calm, take some deep breaths and listen closely to what's being said.
Change the subject to something non controversial.
Start thinking of important counter-arguments.



How do you tend to respond when someone shares unpleasant emotions with you?
I feel closer to them and appreciate the honesty and vulnerability. I prefer this to superficial conversations.
I feel awkward. I'm concerned about saying the wrong thing. I don't like drama in my relationships.
I am glad they are opening up to me. I try to help them calm down and talk about it.



After an argument with a romantic partner how do you prefer to make-up?
Make-up Sex
Process the misunderstanding so both people understand what went wrong to do a better job next time.
Have each person say something like "sorry we fought" so we can quickly get back to the day.



Which do you value the most?



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Quiz: What’s Your Conflict Resolutions Style?

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