Quiz: Are You a Good Communicator?


Good Communication is the Key to Problem-Solving

Life is busy and we need to make joint decisions and solve problems on a daily basis. When we don’t communicate well, we end up in miscommunications and arguments.

The more time we put into being clear and respectful, the less likely that we’ll waste time clarifying miscommunications and repairing hurt feelings.

Are you a good communicator? Obviously this is not a YES/NO answer, but there is research that will show certain communication patters lead to misunderstanding and others lead to constructive dialogue.

Perhaps you are as good as you think you are, and perhaps you could brush up on some communication skills training. Take this quiz to find out.


Are you a Good Communicator?

Good communication leads to decision-making, problem solving and connection. Bad communication leads to misunderstanding, ambiguity and unnecessary suffering.

Test your communication skills knowledge here.


What’s Next?

If you’d like to brush up on your communication skills, here are some resources:

There are 3 crucial communication skills that have been proven to lead to separation and divorce in romantic relationships, and lead to miscommunication and wasted time in all relationships. This Online Communication Skills Training Course will take you less than an hour to complete and you’ll learn the following:

  1. How to Avoid a Fight
  2. How to Deal with Criticism (without becoming defensive)
  3. How to Empathize

For people in committed relationships to take with their partner:

The Happy Couple – A Virtual Retreat

This Online Skills Training Workshop is designed to be an alternative to couples therapy. It will take you a week to complete if you commit to one hour a day. Together with your partner, learn the seven secrets happy couples know regarding: Commitment, Gratitude, Conflict Management, Empathy, Trust and Fun. Includes a workbook with interactive communication exercises, checklists and homework.

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