Help Your Couples learn to fight with the 6 Core Conflict Management Interventions


6 sessions
Every other tuesday
9-10:30 am

Starting January 14th, 2020

Can’t make all 6?

No problem, only register for the dates that work for you

1084 Lancaster Avenue, suite 204 Bryn Mawr, PA

Facilitated by Laura Silverstein, LCSW
Certified Gottman therapist and trainer

Main Line Counseling Partners is pleased to be offering a small group training for therapists who have completed Level 1 in the Gottman Method. Perfect for anyone who would like hands-on practice using Gottman Interventions. We will start with the 6 Conflict Management Interventions and add more sessions if there is interest.

  • WHERE? Laura’s Office
  • WHEN? Every other Tuesday Morning starting January 14th, 2020
  • FORMAT? Take turns role-playing couples and therapist 
  • WHAT YOU WILL LEARN? Review which interventions to use and when, and how to gently intervene
  • WHAT TO EXPECT? A judgement-free atmosphere of clinicians supporting one another in this very difficult work
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm
  • REGISTRATION: You may register for one or all of the dates below. 
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Because space is extremely limited to 5 clinicians, tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final.

January 14th

January 28th

February 11th

February 25th

March 10th

Conflict Intervention #1

Gottman-Rapoport: Helping couples understand one another’s point of view

Conflict Intervention #2

Dreams within Conflict Intervention: Helping couples move out of gridlock with unsolvable problems

Conflict Intervention #3

Compromise Ovals: Coaching couples to work together to  come to temporary agreement

Conflict Interventio #4

Aftermath of Regrettable Incident booklet: Repair from past conflict and move toward problem-solving

Conflict Intervention #5

Eliminate Four Horsemen: Replace criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling with altneratives

March 24th

April 14th (pending interest)

April 28th (pending interest)

May 12th (pending interest)

May 26th (pending interest)

Conflict Intervention #6

Dan Wile: Help couples articulate their experiences when they cannot do it on their own

Friendship Intervention #1

Love Maps: Help couples build knowledge of their partners inner world.

Friendship Intervention #2

Stress-Reducing Conversation: Helping couples practice empathy

Shared Meaning Interventions 1 and 2

Build Rituals of Connection: Help couples find ways to prioritize their relationship on a regular basis

Maintenance Interventions

State of the Union: Assigning homework so couples can phase out of couples therapy

For questions please contact Marchelle Leonard at 610-642-3359 X4
or [email protected]


All sales are final