One of the very sincere missions of Main Line Counseling Partners is not only to provide evidenced-based, effective, and empathic services, but also to support in the growth of budding professionals in this field who are interested in learning to do the same.  With this in mind, Main Line Counseling Partners is genuinely pleased to introduce our first student-clinician into our practice. 

Anaiya Baukman, M.S.

New Clients:

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Anaiya Baukman is currently pursuing her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Couples and Family Therapy from Chestnut Hill College (CHC). She received a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the same institution, which is a long-standing school accredited by the American Psychological Association.  Anaiya is training at Main Line Counseling partners under the supervision of Dr. Meghan Prato, with an interest in learning to apply her academic specialization in couples and family therapy into her clinical repertoire.

Anaiya strives to cultivate meaningful and collaborative therapeutic relationships. She approaches each session with warmth, empathy, and authenticity, with each interaction designed to foster a safe and exploratory environment for her clients. Anaiya embraces an integrative approach to therapy that allows her to develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each client’s needs.  

Services Provided:

At Main Line Counseling Partners, Anaiya provides therapy to adult individuals and couples coping with: 


Depression or Bipolar 

Complex Trauma 

Race/Cultural Stress


Grief and Loss 

Stress Management 

Relationship Concerns


Couples Therapy Experience:

Anaiya is training at Main Line Counseling partners because she is interested in learning to apply her academic specialization in marriage and family therapy into her work.   She is trained in and uses the Gottman Method of couples’ therapy in her work with couples.  In addition to her academic and clinical interest in the treatment of relationships, Anaiya is also currently conducting research for her dissertation on the impact of social support on relationship satisfaction across the transition to parenthood in interethnic couples. 


Anaiya is a psychology practicum student in her fourth year of doctoral training. She has experience providing evidence-based individual and group psychotherapy to individuals in inpatient and outpatient facilities. She completed clinical training at Delaware Psychiatric Center, where she worked with individuals with co-morbid severe and persistent mental illnesses. She also studied as a practicum student at The Growth Opportunity Center, where Anaiya provided therapy to adolescents and adults with a variety of clinical concerns in addition to conducting psychoeducational, diagnostic, and Autism Spectrum evaluations across the lifespan. She has treated clients with anxiety, mood, personality, psychotic, substance use, diversity, and trauma-related concerns.  

As previously mentioned, Anaiya is currently pursuing her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Couples and Family Therapy from Chestnut Hill College (CHC), and currently has her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the same institution. Anaiya is passionate about diversity issues and participates in the Multicultural Forum and Rainbow Forum at CHC. She serves as the Pennsylvania Psychological Association of Graduate Students campus representative and on the Colleague Assistance Committee. Anaiya is a student member of the Association for Black Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. 

Do you have Questions About Seeing a Student-Clinician?

Individuals or couples interested in receiving treatment with a student-clinician may have some questions.  Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about services received by a student-clinician:

  • All student-clinician clients will receive services at a reduced hourly rate.  This provides the opportunity for the practice to offer services to individuals and couples who may previously have not been able to afford full-fee services, while also facilitating the training of our student.
  • All cases that are being treated by Ms. Baukman will be managed under the supervision of Dr. Meghan Prato – a psychologist within the practice of Main Line Counseling Partners.  This means that all clients working with Ms. Baukman will also have Dr. Prato’s feedback and input into their case.
  • All cases are being treated by a student who is not only very enthusiastic and conscientious, but also extremely knowledgeable.  Ms. Baukman is not only, by nature of her education, an avid consumer of the latest psychological and relationship research, but is also conducting such herself.