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Bullying Prevention Course

Laura Silverstein’s ECourse:  How to Prevent Bullying (Without Using the Word Bullying) now available for free.

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Diego Castellanos, Host of ABC’s Peurto Rican Panorama, Spotlights Bullying

I had the privilege of joining Mr. Diego Castellanos, with fellow panel members,

Atty. Tanya Alvarado and Atty. Stephanie Gonzalez to discuss the very important issue of bullying prevention.

Bullying is a widespread problem that is not going away on its own and I’m so grateful for all the people who are taking on this topic and joining the conversation about how to protect our kids.

What I Didn’t Have Time to Say on TV

So this was my first time on TV and it turns out 13 minutes goes by pretty quickly!  I have discovered a platform called Udemy, which hosts online courses, and I have put together a Bullying Prevention Course.

Bullying Prevention Begins in the Home

Our schools are doing an amazing job!  They have an immense responsibility on their hands every day when they go to work, and their prevention efforts have been proven effective by 25%.  Parents and caregivers are the ones who are responsible for moral education, and that is the most important part of bullying prevention.

Kids Can Be Mean

It is devastating to hear about children mistreating other children.  Parents of kids in middle school and high school often feel  removed and powerless in making a difference in issues related to social power and popularity.

We want to know what to say and what not to say.  It is frightening to think that we might do something to make things worse.  That is why I have put together this course.

The way we think about bullying is all wrong!

It is crucial to understand that bullying prevention is not about separating good guys from bad guys, it requires understanding the complexity of the problem and understanding that all people involved in bullying need help;  kids who bully, kids who are bullied, kids who witness bullying and the adults who love these kids and want to made a difference.


This Bullying Prevention Course is available for free on Skillshare if you sign up for a trial (then you can choose to cancel or continue for $15 per month.

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By Laura Silverstein, LCSW




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