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Premarital Counseling

Why do we need Premarital Counseling?  Our relationship is great!commitment preparation

Premarital counseling is not for couples who need therapy, it is for people who take their commitment vows seriously.

Smart couples understand the magnitude of a commitment expected to last upwards of 50-60 years and are taking premarital classes in order to start their lives together informed.

Research shows that most couples don’t seek help until six years after problems are first noticed.  Come in for two private 90 minute sessions to equip yourselves with information about what makes love last. Included in this course is a take-home guide with exercises to help resolve conflict and manage stress.

We’re in the middle of planning our wedding, isn’t this the worst time to uncover problems when everything is going so well?

Yes!  It is not a good time to dig deep and think about everything that is wrong with your relationship, or test to see whether or not you are compatible!  Many people mistakenly believe that this is what happens in premarital counseling.  There have been no compatibility tests that have proved accurate, and if problems aren’t right in front of you, it is hard to make a good argument for going out of your way to look for problems.

Dr. John Gottman can predict divorce with over 90% accuracy as a result of a 30 year longitudinal study.  One of the things we know from his research that couples are much more likely to stay happily married if they focus more on positives than negatives, so we follow that model in our premarital counseling classes at Main Line Counseling Partners.

What to Expect from Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is an opportunity to learn some skills that will help you maintain your marital friendship, manage conflict effectively and maintain trust and intimacy.  You and your partner will have a private meeting with a relationship expert.  In the first meeting you will learn what we know from the research about what makes marriage last.  This includes providing you with some good habits to develop early and some tools to use if things start to go south.  You will also learn what to expect during certain life-cycle transitions.

In the second meeting you will have an opportunity to discuss the specifics of your relationship and the therapist can guide you through the tools you’d like to practice step by step.  Once this connection is built it is nice to know that you have a resource available to you for unforeseen circumstances in your relationship.

How Do We Decide of Premarital Counseling is Right for us?

We now have online schedule available.  Use this link to schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation:

Click Here to Schedule a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation


Is Wedding Planning Stressing You Out?

Take the time to do this 7 Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise to feel more relaxed and focused now!



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