Main Line Counseling Partners is Now Offering Free Online Communication Skills Training

Laura Silverstein, our clinical director, has created a course

Communication Skills Training-Let’s Talk, Save Time with Effective Communication.

This video tutorial course walks you through what to do when you find yourself in a difficult conversation. You will learn the three most important communication skills step-by-step.

Save Time-Communicate Effectively.

This fast, easy skills course will teach 3 of the most crucial communication skills. (1) How to avoid a misunderstanding, (2) How to respond to criticism and (3) How to empathize.

Miscommunication wastes time. Fine tune your communication skills to avoid countless headaches that result from assumptions, misunderstandings and arguments.

Note: This course does not cover sales, public speaking or persuasion strategies

Scientifically Proven Methods

These strategies are evidence-based, drawing from the work of emotional intelligence expert, Daniel Goleman, and relationship scientists, John and Julie Gottman, who have revolutionized the way we understand human interaction.

We have conversations with people from sun up to sun down. When these conversations go well, they lead to quick problem solving, decision making and connection. Conversations that don’t go well lead to long drawn out dialogues, misunderstandings and distance.

The 3 skills that you will master from this course are the result of 40 years of scientific observation of 6,000 real people having real conversations.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

Prevention is Always Better Than Intervention

This course is built on the concept that people need information more than they need help. Many times we stumble into miscommunications simply because we aren’t educated about common predictable (and avoidable) communication patterns. These strategies can be applied to the following contexts:

  • Discussions about politics or religion
  • Conversations with co-workers
  • Interviews
  • First-Dates
  • Long-term romantic relationships
  • Difficult conversations with family members

Is it Really Free?

Yes! It is hosted on Skillshare, which is a reputable online education platform. You start with a free 2 month trial which will give you access to all the courses on the site. Then you may either cancel or continue your subscription for $15 per month.

Let’s Talk! Enroll Now to Join the Conversation!

The sooner you start learning these quick simple strategies, the sooner you can enjoy that extra time.

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This Communication Skills Training Course Does not Take the Place of Couples Therapy with a Licensed Professional

Good communication alone does not make a great relationship. Great relationships are made from love, trust, commitment and deep friendship.

If you have come to this website because you are looking for couples therapy,we think you will find this course to complement the work you are doing well as it draws from the Gottman Method. We specialize in couples therapy at this practice, so we invite you schedule free a phone consultation with Dr. Michael Silverstein for help deciding your next best steps.